Beneath A Wounded Moon

by Soft Violence

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Beneath A Wounded Moon by Soft Violence

Recorded at Edmontone Studios in Edmonton, Alberta Canada
February - April 2016.
Recorded and Engineered by Jesse Northey.
Produced by Liam Faucher with Chris Wiebe and Jesse Northey.

Photograph: "Neighbors" by Ethan Luck.


released May 13, 2016

Liam Faucher: Vocals, Piano, Rhythm Guitar, Organ, Synth
Chris Wiebe: Drums
Colin Faucher: Lead Guitar
Jesse Northey: Bass Guitar

All songs written by Liam Faucher.
Additional parts written and arranged by: Chris Wiebe, Colin Faucher and Jesse Northey.



all rights reserved


Soft Violence Edmonton, Alberta

Soft Violence is an Indie Rock band based in Edmonton, Alberta.

With arrangements that reflect a diverse spectrum of influences, Soft Violence combines thoughtful melodies with eloquent lyricism to provide an intimate and emotive listening experience and live performance. ... more

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Track Name: The First Stone
Lately we're a new sky rising
Thought I'd go and throw the first stone
You just smiled at our horizons
Held my fears, said, "You are not alone."
Hold my heart its not so heavy
I am not an epitaph in the dark
I'll scribe the days that left me breathing
Love like harmonies, you left your mark.

I hollowed out my rib cage, carved cathedrals
With a window to the stars
I screamed your whispers at my bones, made earthquakes
Tired lungs and heaving hearts

No and then my love stripped stars
Want answers from the night
But I'm leaving behind scars
I used to hide behind
For the forests in your eyes
That hold the silver tight
Until the morning rocks me home
Hold fast until the light
Track Name: Vulnerable
The night comes swiftly
I'm six leagues under this grave
God pass this quickly
I'm not so strong I'm not so brave

It cuts, oh Father
My sweet safety is over
Do you forsake me?
Not like you, not sober
Track Name: Atlantis
My God, this open sea
My heart's a small town lost beneath the waves
My soul's in atrophy
I wear its ruins on my sleeve each day

Beneath a wounded moon
Trails absent minded points of view, and you
With every shallow word
You paint the midnight more absurd and skewed

It comes, it grows
It dies, it goes away.
Track Name: Compromised
Water in the boat
Hear the waves echo
Words that found my bones
Broken wings flew me home
Just hours before the sun
While you looked at what you'd become
Through insincere eyes
Came to me compromised

Closer to you, home
Forgiving. Oh, my soul.
Step out on my sea
Dismiss the sorrow within me
And take grace by the hand
Through this storm, you avalanche
Of tired bleeding eyes
Come to me, sunrise.
Track Name: Caskets
Be my refuge until we're called home
I your ocean, you my ocean coast
Shadows settle, moons will draw me to you
Sing the world gone. Serenade the truth

Sing the world gone, and these words I keep
Let me drown this, let these nightmares sleep
Lend me graves for the caskets I carry
Let me drown this, let these ghosts stay buried.
Track Name: Steady
Daughter, daughter
Falling, sinking
Drunk air, cold stairs
Dungeon, cellar

Bottled message
Going nowhere
Steady, steady
Hold me, trust me
Father Tempest
Be near, be near
Father, tempest!
Be near, be near

Walk blind, morning
Beating, breathing
Stranger, nomad
Mazing, wanders
Restless, restless
Bledding water
Restless, restless
Drowning daughter

Drowning, drowning
I am drowning
Drowning, drowning
Are you sorry?
It still cuts me ages later.
Are you sorry?
Track Name: Go Easy On Me
I've been hearing
My heart's been having some hard talks
With my sleeve
And I can't tell who is in more shock
Its been so long since I broke
That I nearly forgot
Now I only pray when I suffocate
What a nice God
Go easy on me

I'm a wave, I'm a rise and fall
I'm lost at sea
In between the safety of love
And such frailty
At the helm of everything
That feels empty
Crowded rooms, poisoned words
Everything is so noisy
Go easy one me

Go easy on me
Track Name: Souvenirs
Wake me, sleepless
I am fragile skin
Cracking, leaking
Trouble breathing in
Oh, the skies cry
And I lay awake
Seeking exits
There is no escape but through

Its hurting more and more
But I don't know what for

Souvenirs of an age old hell
When will I climb out of the well?
It suffers real reasons to bleed
I know its selfish, but its me

Cast my bottled message to the waves
Hope it still reads broken when I wake
"Love, I'm lost at sea
Please come rescue me."
Track Name: Siren Song
White eyes, capsize
Go under, I didn't try that hard
I guess I suppress
But I can cry still if I really try
Its reassuring, this sweet enduring
I'll feel it when I'm ready

Love can sing a siren song and mean no harm
It kisses every scar
And mine, she holds the storm in me and let's it stay
Until I feel okay

I'm a shipwreck on the shores of a storm come and gone
Born into the tide
I was scared the sun would burn my eyes.
Track Name: Soft Violence
Peter fell asleep in the garden
Moses never walked the Promised Land
Noah watched the world sink, punched the clock, had a drink
I am not the first broken man
I talk a fair game of love
Humility, selflessness and grace
But all of this thinking and feeling
Has left me in the same place

As I was in the days that they said, "You act old for your age."
I had not yet grown into my heart, into my soul.

I invited my demons for dinner
They persuaded me to let them stay the night
I'm too afraid to offend them
Kicking them out doesn't feel right
I want to teach them some manners
But they know that I'm hardly so kind
They laugh, they ask where is my backbone
But I'm still growing in to my spine

The world changed my heart in the soft, violent midnight cold
The things that I saw, no one else may ever know
I was growing in to my heart, to my soul.

I'm still growing in to my heart, in to my soul
For love alone can stand by the dark it holds.